Safety Supplies for Construction, Electrical, Municipal, and Architectural Industries

Diversified Materials & Consulting has a diverse line of products for the construction industry.

Fall Protection

SafetyWe have several types of fall protection products including full body harnesses, lanyards, self-retracting lifelines, and anchor points. We also have safety kits which include a 25 or 50 foot vertical lifeline, HUV harness, backpacks, anchors, shock absorbing lanyards, and more which can be customized to create your own safety kit. Safety accessories include roof jacks, rope grabs, miner’s belts, skyhook gaskets, shoulder pads, carabiners, and rebar hooks. Diversified Materials & Consulting also has guardrail systems which contain base plates, guardrails, stanchions, c-slab grabbers, fit brackets, gusset mounts, and angel boots. There is specialty safety gear for confined spaces as well as engineered lifeline systems for beams and bridges. For safety on a ladder, count on our ladder extension systems, ladder stabilizers, lock and limb brackets, stability anchors, ladder dollies, ladder jacks, and hooks. To protect against debris falling from high areas and hitting people or damaging structures, we have netting that will catch this debris. Finally, there are rescue products available to help a coworker who has fallen and needs to be moved to a safe area.


SafetyWe handle toe boards, 3/4 inch plywood, duplex nails, masonry nails, #9 wire, 3/4 inch banding, debris netting, tools, and more.

Safety Supplies

Diversified Materials & Consulting has many varieties of safety supplies including ear muffs, gloves, boots, and safety glasses. We also have hardhats, raincoats, vests, flags, fire blankets, and welding supplies. Respiratory aids are also available for rescue situations. Our two warehouses hold all the general supplies for our customers. We have ladders, sports drinks, backpacks, Klein Tools, and more. Stop in today to see our full inventory.


SafetyIf your company wants to find ways to improve their safety products and policies, Diversified Materials & Consulting also consults with business owners to develop better and more effective safety procedures. We will sit down with you one on one to go over your concerns, develop strategies, and order the products that will best help your business.